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      晶振--Crystal Oscillators
      射頻微波器件--RF&Microwave Devices--Excelics Microsemi Macom skyworks metelics
      集成電路--ICs--BELLING AD TI INTERSIL NXP NEC Microchip Maxim
      液晶模塊--LCM--STN CSTN TFT OLED Touch Panel CCM
      二極管與橋堆--Diodes Rectifier
      定制產品--OEM DEM
      關于我們 About us



      Uniontech (Sichuan) Limited is a specialized distributor of electronic parts and components, with self-run import and export business. founded in 1995, the company has been devoted to providing industrial customers with high-quality radio frequency microwave devices, crystal oscillators, liquid crystal modules,integrated circuits, diodes, bridges and so on. These products are widely applied in domains of mobile telecommunication base depots, upending stations, satellite telecommunication, broadcast and television, network transmission, radar navigation, and so on.
        We have rich expertise in trade of imported electronic devices, and at the same time take priority in providing users with relevant technical support service. We can not only provide customers with modeling programs of the most superior performance-to-price ratio in the initial design period, but also can custom-make the products to satisfy special performance and size requirement according to the customer’s demand.
        After the endeavoring of more than ten years, the company has established a good and stable long-term cooperation relationship with various domestic scientific institutes, electronics factories, and universities of related industries, enjoying a good commercial reputation in the industry.
        In line with the corporate spirit of “diligence, rigidity, steadfastness, and innovation”, Uniontech hopes to create a bright tomorrow with global electronic manufacturers and customers hand in hand.

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